Magnetic NeoTag Price in Bangladesh
Magnetic NeoTag Price in Bangladesh

Magnetic NeoTag Price in Bangladesh

  • AM or RF Frequency
  • Our Highest Security Tag
  • Unopenable by Magnets or Hooks
  • Requires High Security Multipolar Detacher
  • Two piece shell design
  • Includes High Security Pin
  • Temporary Pin Park Hole

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Magnetic NeoTag Price in Bangladesh

A total rethink in tag design and security. It is simply the most secure and easy-to-use garment tag on the market. A lock resistant to high-strength magnets and hooks. Requires our failsafe Multipolar point-of-sale detacher that never requires maintenance.

Multipolar Lock: Featuring a revolutionary multipolar locking mechanism, it cannot be removed with any magnet, detacher or hook other than the accompanying Multipolar Z Detacher. Shell Design: Shell shaped tags are universally acknowledged to be the most secure tags. They offer more resistance to tampering than tags with small pin heads. Smooth Pin Included: The shell design includes a pin. The smooth pin will not damage threads like grooved pins do. Attach tags in a visible position and deter shoplifters from cutting garments. Faster application and removal.

Pin Park: No need to separate the tag and pin when in storage. We provide a special hole to temporarily park the pin on the tag when it’s not on a garment. Faster reapplication, no lost pins and no fingers being pierced. Pin parking ensures no pins are left on sold garments.

Frequency: 58 Khz AM and RF 8.2 MHz

Colour: Black

Lock: Multipolar High Security

Magnetic Neo Tag Price in Bangladesh 2024

Item: Magnetic NeoTag
Contact No: +88 0185-3330344
Hotline: +88 01785-777722
Warranty: One Year

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