RF Soft Tags (40 x 40 mm) 8.2MHz in Bangladesh
RF Soft Tags (40 x 40 mm) 8.2MHz

RF Soft Tags (40 x 40 mm) 8.2MHz

  • Color: Barcode/White/transparent
  • Frequency: 8.2MHz/9.2MHz
  • Dimension: 40*40mm
  • Certification: CE,ROHS,ISO 9001
  • Packing weight: 12.2kg/ctn
  • OEM: Yes,available

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RF Soft Tags (40 x 40 mm) 8.2MHz in Bangladesh

Product Name EAS label sticker
Color Barcode/White/transparent
Frequency 8.2MHz/9.2MHz
Appearance Square
Dimension 40*40mm
Quality guarantee Labels are 100% tested. All bad labels are replaced.
Function Anti-shoplifting soft label
Usage Paste on products’ surface
Packaging General export packing
Application Anti-theft for supermarkets,department stores,cosmetic stores,etc


Caution to apply the eas label sticker:

  • Don’t bend more than 90 degree
  • Don’t place one tag over another
  • Don’t tag on metal or battery
  • Don’t use labels with a red dot

##RF Soft Tags (40 x 40 mm) 8.2MHz – eas-system

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