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EAS Anti-theft Security Alarm System

What is an Alarm Security System?

An intrusion detection system is called a Security alarm. For instance, unauthorized entry, Security alarm means a device or devices installed on or in real property that are intended to inform a monitoring facility or activate an audible Security alarm signal in the event of criminal activity or unlawful (বেআইনি) entrance. Through a structure or other locations, like a house or a school. Security alarm are employed in military, corporate, industrial, and residential buildings to restrict theft and property damage as well as to protect occupants from intruders (অনুপ্রবেশকারী). Neighborhood security warnings link to a decline in robberies. Car alarms also aid in the protection of automobiles and the items within. alarm  Security systems are also used in hospitals to keep track of the prisoners.

Different Types of Security Alarm Systems?

We are familiar with several Security alarm systems in the current market. Actually it becomes difficult to find or choose the alarm that we need. So we are listing only the most essential Security alarm system. Which will be useful for today and future business. Also, visit our website to get the most essential alarms in the market.  Before entering our website let’s know about Four important alarms: EAS Anti-Theft Alarm System, burglary alarm, fire alarm, intrusion detection.

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EAS Anti-Theft Retail Security Alarm System

An EAS Security System provides the store owner with numerous benefits, from the protection of their assets to reducing shrinkage. It also helps save operational costs by integrating source tagging. EAS is becoming popular in a variety of sectors, including fashion and footwear stores, health and beauty stores, and more. These benefits are well documented, and many retailers have used EAS to protect their merchandise. Read on to learn more. Let’s begin with some common applications of EAS security

Burglary Security alarm System

You probably want to set up a burglary system to find out if an unwelcome burglar comes to visit your office after hours or on the weekends. These systems normally work on a straightforward premise: They are activated using a code or card, and from that point on, if someone enters the room and fails to deactivate the alarm in time, a significant alarm is triggered.

Fire Security alarm System

Most often, having a fire Security alarm system is required by law or insurance. Carbon monoxide or smoke detectors set off an alarm that alerts everyone in the area and turns on the sprinklers. 

Advantages of Security Alarm Systems!

The Security Alarm System uses radio waves to alert people of emergency situations. The same header, an attention signal, an audio announcement, and an end-of-message marker are the four key parts of the communications. The most crucial element of an alarm is the same header. It includes the event id, the alert’s source, and the event’s duration. This knowledge is required in an emergency to aid first responders. Protect Your Business, When it involves any security system for your business, the first focus is family. Your family is that the most significant a part of your life, and you’d do something to stay them safe. AN alarm can facilitate to shield them from intruders. within the even that somebody will conceive to forced the lock your home, the alarm can trigger and alert the police, WHO will then respond during a timely manner.

Disadvantages of Security Alarm Systems!

Security alarm protocols are ineffective at preventing break-ins.Your privacy is not protected by them.Alarm systems cost a lot of money.Home security that is reactive not proactive.

How do door security alarm systems work

A sensor and a magnet are used in the operation of a door and window alarm sensor for security alarm systems. On or within the door or window frame is where the sensor is located. The door or window itself is magnetized, either externally or inside. The magnet will disengage from the sensor when the door or window is opened, turning it on. A internal reed switch inside the sensor will trip as soon as the magnet detaches from it. The sensor will alert the alarm system when this occurs. Based on the sensor’s Response Type, the system will next take a specified action. This can entail ordering a system to be disarmed or turning on a siren

EAS Security Alarm System Price in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024 has available Security Alarm system of different brands with the best market price for the Dealer or retail customers. EAS Security Alarm System Price is starts from 40,000 Taka and Security Tag Price starts from 3 Taka. is a Bangladesh-based supplier of EAS security alarm systems. The company offers a variety of goods, such as access control systems, Surveillance cameras, and EAS Security Alarm System, IP Cameras, etc. Trimatrik Multimedia ( has been in business Since 2009 and has a reputation for quality products and excellent customer service. You can buy from our head office (Dhaka,Uttara). We have dedicated Technical engineers to assist all over Bangladesh. The best pricing can be guaranteed for complete setup and post-purchase assistance.. To know more details visite our website: please Contact us Us at our Facebook Page or +88 0185-3330338, 01785-777722, 0185-3330344.

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The 12 Best Information on Security Tags in 2024

Security tags continue to be a staple element in the loss prevention industry’s ongoing war against shrink. Security tags have evolved into the go-to solution to deter stealing at a product-level since they were originally introduced in the 1960s.Frequently used for clothing and products including shoes, sunglasses, and liquor bottles. When a product is being stolen from a store, security tags set off an alert to protect it. The following are 12 things to know about security tags.

What does EAS means and parts of eas

Security tags are a part of the loss prevention method called  electronic article surveillance (EAS). The technology detects items having tags or labels attached, which subsequently connect with an antenna at a store’s entrance. This antenna signals an alarm when a tag leaves the store, informing workers that theft is occurring.

Rapidly Improving For security Tag

Since security tags and EAS were introduced to the shop floor, they have continuously advanced. Today’s security tags have evolved to serve practically any purpose, while antennas are more precise and covert.

Widely used in the industry

The National Retail Security Survey conducted in the middle of last year indicated that 80.9% of US retailers used EAS, followed by 46.0% of retailers who used merchandise alarms/electronic security tags and 34.9% of retailers who used acousto magnetic/electronic security tags.

Extremely Efficient

The best anti-shoplifting system now in use is known as Electronic article surveillance (EAS), which has proven to be both effective and scalable. Retailers might anticipate a 60–80% reduction in external theft after installing an EAS system.

Two frequency range

Acousto Magnetic (AM) and radio frequency are the two frequencies available for EAS and its accompanying security tags (RF).

While AM (Acousto Magnetic) systems operate at 58 kHz, which means a signal is sent out in pulses, (RF) Radio Frequency or RF operates at 8.2 MHz and functions in a sweep. or in a rate of 50 to 90 bursts per second.

Popularity is growing

Security Tag is a Popularity that is increasing everyday.The popularity of this loss prevention system has progressively grown thanks to the ongoing development of EAS and security tags.

According to the 2019 National Retail Security Survey, the adoption of acousto magnetic/electronic security tags climbed by 12.7% while the use of merchandise alarms/electronic security tags increased by 25.4% during 2018. 

Magnet resistant Security Tag

Alternatives for locking mechanisms with varied strengths and magnet resistance are also accessible.Magnetic or mechanical locking mechanisms are the two most common types of locking systems used in security tags. There are many strengths of magnetic locks, including normal, SuperLock, HyperLock, and Multipolar.

Unique strategy for Security Tag

Security tags were initially largely utilized by clothes shops because they could be quickly attached to items. Today, tags are often attached to accessories like shoes and expensive purses, while tags with lanyards or cables are widely used to safeguard objects like eyewear, alcohol, and even golf clubs.

Multiple sizes

There are many different sizes and shapes for tags. This comprises square, circular, and pencil-shaped tags. Because of how difficult it is to pry open a round tag, they are among the most difficult to remove.To prevent criminals from driving the pinhead through a piece of clothing, several pinhead shapes and sizes are also available. Larger pinheads are thought to be more secure because removing them illegally requires tearing or cutting something.

All-in-one Security Tag

The Alligator Tag is a comprehensive solution and one of the most recent advancements in security tags. This tag has a hinge in the middle, a pin at one end, and a receiver at the other. It snaps shut to safeguard garments and other accessories like bras.

Security label alternative Tag

Security labels, which can be attached to products or tucked inside the package, are a good addition to security tags. Security labels are frequently applied to non-perishable groceries, prescription drugs, books, and CDs. They are also available in AM or RF frequencies.

You may read more about the frequently asked questions concerning security tags and electronic article surveillance here, or you can get in touch with our helpful team to find out which choices are appropriate for your retail establishment.

Inventory Of Security Tag

Even more than ten years ago, Trimatrik Multimedia has provided the retail industry with anti-shoplifting devices. Are Inventory Security Tags  All popular brands, customized, new, and expert guidance. Statistics show that theft percentages in stores without security measures might reach 1-2% of total revenue. The percentage of money at the level of the supermarket comes out to be a very remarkable number! This leads to the obvious conclusion that only particular protection measures can prevent losses for property owners and the preservation of goods.

Anti-theft equipment and systems are available for this purpose. It is put in place at the store’s entrance or exit. The store’s inventory has sophisticated anti-theft technology sensors on it. 

Conclusion for Security Tag

Finally Twelve information discusses the Security Tag.For the security of metallic and foil blisters and packages, optical devices, and jewelry, there are also specialized canned and bottle anti theft tags available. As you can see, inventory security tags and anti-theft tools can be used on a wide range of goods.

Products in flexible packaging, particularly the packaging of food products, are given anti-theft labels. Labels are available in white and black, as well as a fake barcode replica.

The Sensor Nation Company offers a huge assortment of premium security tags at reasonable pricing. This business can offer you advice on any issue because it has a wealth of effective client-working experience. Visit our official website to see the full selection of security tags.

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