EAS Soft Labels Tags Anti-Human Shield (41.5 x 41.5)
EAS Soft Labels Tags Anti-Human Shield (41.5 x 41.5)

EAS Soft Labels Tags Anti-Human Shield (41.5 x 41.5)

  • Product Name: EAS rf soft label
  • Dimension: 41.5*41.5mm
  • Frequency: 8.2MHz(±5%)
  • Applicable Scope: Supermarket,Cosmetic stores, retail stores eas systems
  • Surface: white,barcode,transparent,special printing
  • Material: Coated paper
  • Packing: 2000 pcs/roll, 10 Rolls/Carton

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EAS Soft Labels Tags Anti-Human Shield (41.5 x 41.5)

EAS Soft Labels tags Bangladesh

Using the latest technology, it widely used in the systems for retail stores anti theft, it has the features as following:

1) Green and safe, environment-friendly

2) Low-reactivation rate

3) High-sensibility for deactivation

4) Can normally work in the low temperature

Product Details:

5) Avoid the shield from human body

Label size : 41.5*41.5mm

Frequency: 8.2Mhz

Q value(quality factor): Q>=85

Effective Volume: 1.5 liter

Quantity per roll : 1000 pcs

Rolls per box: 20 rolls

Labels per box: 20,000 pcs

The inner diameter of rolls: 76.2mm

Surface material:  Coated paper

Applicable Scope: Supermarket anti-theft systems, retail stores like Cosmetics, Digital Products and baby shop.

* The surface for choice:

White, with barcode, transparent, special printing.

EAS Soft Labels Tags Price in Bangladesh 2024

Item:EAS Soft Labels Tags
Contact No:+88 0185-3330344
Hotline:+88 01785-777722
Warranty:One Year

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