RF Mini Square Security Tag with pin in Bangladesh
RF Mini Square Security Tag with pin
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RF Mini Square Security Tag with pin


  • Most common RF Frequency tag
  • Opened by a Superlock Magnetic Detacher
  • General purpose tag is suitable for all garments
  • Comes with a metal pin
  • Accepts Lanyards
  • Checkpoint and all  RF systems compatible

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RF Mini Square Security Tag with pin in Bangladesh

Perhaps the most well-known tag design and size for RFID systems. Mini Square security tags are a must for RF systems. Mini Square Security tag needs a robust SuperlockMagnetic detacher to allow pin removal.

This tag is equipped with a smooth shaft-swivel head pin, but this tag can also be used with grooved pins as well as a variety of ink pins and lanyards. It is ideal for anyone searching for a tag that works with existing Mini Square Tags from RF.


Size: The mini square tag is 2″ x 1.7″. Small and Lightweight yet has high quality electronics for accurate reliable detection.

Pin: This tag comes with a smooth swivel flathead metal pin. Or add on your choice of pin and lanyard.

Frequency: RF 8.2 MHz

Color: Black

Lock: Superlock*. Superlock tags are not opened by old low power magnetic detachers. Most security tags today are Superlock compatible and require a more powerful magnet to release the pin. If you are unsure if your existing detachers will open this tag, give us a call or email us a photo of your existing detacher and tags. Our Universal Superlock Detacher will open all our Superlock tags and your existing

RF Mini Square Security Tag  Price in Bangladesh 2024

Price: 9.00৳ 
Status: Available
Item: RF Mini Square Security Tag with pin
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Hotline: 01785-777722
Warranty: One Year

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