EAS Anti-Theft Alarm Security System in Bangladesh
EAS Anti-Theft Alarm Security System

EAS Anti-Theft Alarm Security System

  • AM Security Antena / Gate
  • RF Security Antena / Gate
  • AM Hard Tag
  • RF Hard Tag
  • AM Soft Tag
  • RF Soft Tag
  • Tag Recheck
  • Tag Deactivator
  • Tag Detacher / Remover
  • etc.

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EAS Anti-Theft Alarm Security System in Bangladesh

EAS anti-theft alarm system is a security tag system consisting of tags, electronic article surveillance (EAS) equipment (laser scanner, tag deactivator, etc.), and tags checkers. Security tags are used by manufacturers to deter theft during shipping and storage. A security tag will set off an alarm if it passes through the EAS anti-theft alarm system. The alarm is turned off with a deactivator or removed with a tag detacher.

  • EAS Anti-Shoplifting Antenna: You just need to set these antennae at your door. Then it will work through a radio frequency system so that you could detect the person from far out.
  • EAS Anti-Shoplifting Tags: Anti-Shoplifting Tagswill be attached to the particular products. You or your employer can remove the tag if someone purchases the product.
  • Easy to Set-up: EAS Anti Shoplifting Security System can easily be fitted in wherever you want at your door or your desired zone.
  • Safety Assurance: This entire shoplifting system will assure your product safety. None can exit from your room, shop or office along with the product without your permission. Only you can permit them by removing the tag from the particular product.
  • Usage Area: This anti-theft RFID system can be seen at shopping mall, supermarket, super shop, retail store, grocery shop, jewelry shop, cosmetics shop, plenty of commercial areas where the products needs to be safe. 
EAS Anti-Theft Alarm Security System in Bangladesh
EAS Anti-Theft Alarm Security System in Bangladesh

EAS Anti-Theft Alarm Security System Price in Bangladesh 2024

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